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Music Management for Dance is an international collective of dance musicians, teachers and choreographers who believe in cross-arts collaboration and work towards enhancing music and movement interconnections.

Our aim is to bring together the best professionals the world of Dance has to offer, both musicians and dancers; to create a new, collaborative, cross-disciplines way to form and educate the future generations; and ultimately, to help young students be more aware of their talents, develop their potential and become all-round artists.

We have published a Manifesto of our vision and mission


We offer a wide range of services, from one-to-one consultancies to workshops and seminars on a variety of topics. Read more about this below and visit Our Consultants page for a list of some of our collaborators.

We are launching a social media campaign to build bridges between music and dance and to raise awareness of the importance of music-movement interconnections for both musicians and dancers.

Join us and be part of MMD’s #MusicInMovement campaign!

All you have to do is send us your one-sentence answers to two questions. Get in touch to find out more and follows us @MM4Dance

Our Services


Professional Development and training MMD can be tailored to the requirements of your organisation. See below for the range of subjects our experienced consultants can cover and get in touch to discuss it in more details.


Give your musicians and dancers the opportunity to discuss relevant topics with some of the top professionals in the dance industry. We have a core group of consultants alongside a very wide network internationally.


Our workshops, for musicians, dance teachers and students, are very practical and hands-on. You will see the benefits straight away and our consultants will always be available for a follow up and further mentoring.


Do you feel your organisation needs improving but your not quite sure what is needed? One of our consultants can observe how you work and then provide you and your staff with practical tools and strategies to become more efficient.

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