Music in Movement


At Music Management for Dance, we want to create a new approach to dance education, built on shared experience and deep synergy between dancers and musicians. Our workshops, led by some of the best professionals at international level, offer a broad range of artistic and didactic sessions in a spirit of reciprocal collaboration.

Taking into account the different educational and didactic requirements of both dance students, teachers and musicians, our courses are based on a unique method which develops and enhances such requirements through the synergy between the two disciplines.

Our aim is to contribute to form artists who are aware of their own potential and possess the knowledge and skills to express it fully. We believe that this process of creating the artist, before the dancer, can be thoroughly completed only through the analysis of the deepest correlations between movement and music.

The Music in Movement workshops are aimed at dance teachers and pianists who want to acquire new skills or take a refresher course. Advanced dance students are also welcomed to join, and indeed necessary to the outcome of the workshops, as they will be asked to contribute proactively to the sessions throughout the 3 days. Our course gives dance students the opportunity not only to enhance their skills and acquire new ones, but also to experience at first hand the requirements of the profession.

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