Dance Composition

The founder of Lubbert Das, Nicoletta is a dancer and choreographer specialising in contemporary dance, research and experimentation. Her mentoring sessions in dance composition and dramaturgy of movement will enhance the dancers’ ability to work in close connection with the score and musical composition, and (in their absence) to act on musicality and inner space/time ideas.


One of the most sought after classical ballet teachers, Lucia works regularly as Maître de Ballet with Teatro Comunale in Florence, Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Dominic Dance Theatre in Houston, Grand Théâtre de Genève, Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Leipzig Opern, Royal Swedish Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet, Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Zurich Ballet, West Australian Ballet and Theater-Basel Ballet.


An acclaimed dancer, Stefania Di Cosmo in now a sought-after teacher in Italy and abroad.

A guest teacher with Ulmer Theater in Germany, the Victor Ullate company in Spain, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, the Academy Princess Grace in Monaco, and Random company in London, Stefania works regularly with world renowned choreographers and dancers.


Following a distinguished and unconventional career as Soloist Dancer and co-founder of Fabula Saltica Compagnia di Danza in Rovigo, Pia is now a very active and successful ballet teachers. Most recently she was teacher at the Ballet School of Teatro San Carlo of Naples and from 2012 to 2016, School Principal at Tulsa Ballet Center of Dance Education. Her experience as a teacher has given her special insight into the needs of young dancers, and her knowledge of Italian artistry, Russian classical ballet and contemporary American dance adds a unique flavour to her teaching.


A ballet teacher at the School of Balletto di Roma, directed by Paola Jorio, Diana collaborates with several of our consultants, offering dance “insights”.


A ballet teacher at the Liceo Coreutico Bonporti in Trento, Gabriella assists MMD with the logistics and organisation of workshops and residencies.