The Barre Pianist

by Lorel Leal

Lorel is a ballet accompanist in Calgary, Alberta. I can be found at the Alberta Ballet, among other places. Here she writes about how she found out about MMD and how she started as a ballet pianist (among other things).

In this magically connected and yet disconnected world, it’s wonderful how people can meet across oceans and have moments of connection and inspiration!

A fellow Canadian mentioned Music Management for Dance and Luca (Tieppo) to me when I was first beginning my online journey with The Barre Pianist. I’d never heard of them but made an effort to connect digitally and I’m so glad I did! Luca, Tamara and their little guy are loads of fun and have deep hearts. We spent over an hour chatting over the internet and decided that we needed to remain connected as we all have similar passions, the success of modern day ballet.

Their passion is about community and communication between ballet teachers and musicians… getting on the same page and using language and respectful communication to build bridges and develop healthy and inspirational ballet experiences for all.

My passion is about music education for ballet teacher. Far too often I find that teachers are a little lost about what music they want or, if they do know, they’re often uncertain about how to count it clearly. Whether you’re a ballet teacher who’s taught for years and wants a refresher or a brand new ballet teacher who’s intimidated by that part of teaching, through my The Barre Pianist online programme, I am dedicated to connecting, inspiring and educating ballet teachers to develop their much needed prowess with music.

In this blog Lorel writes about Rough Beginnings and Special Times as a ballet pianist.